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Friday, May 10, 2013

Hair, hair, everywhere!

Hello my darlings!
Sorry I've been gone so long again! I've seriously gotten horrible at keeping a good posting schedule... ;n;
I'm thinking to go to 1 post everything week or 2 weeks because that seems how I've been posting as of late! So I'm gonna try and keep to that~
Today I'm gonna be posting about my Taobao haul!
It's my last big purchase for a while because I'm saving up money to go to Finland for 6 months!
You can donate here if you'd like to help! I appreciate all donations~ 

Anyway! Onto my hairy haul!
I used yoybuy to order these pieces off of Taobao~

I made order sometime mid-March
3/23/13 - All items arrived and I filed for shipping
4/18/13 - Yoybuy shipped my items
4/26/13 - Items arrived! So quick shipping!

 Deep crimp wig in dark brown

 2 ponytails, boufant half wig, and bang in LIYE

 curly half wig and bangs in TMGX

 bangs in TMB

All the individual pieces are Prisila replica, and wonderful quality
My only issue is that the TMGX pieces are darker..
They match my Prisila half wig that is TDM!
Which I guess works out... but I really wanted TMGX colour..

And I can't remember why I got bangs in TMB...
I only have one other piece that colour!
So I'm selling the bangs along with the other piece.

$12 + shipping for them together
let me know if you're interested~

And what would this post be without photos of the pieces worn?!
Have to show off these beauties~

 TMGX pieces with Prisila TDM

All LIYE pieces (super long! )

With bangs and just one ponytail~
Wore this to a party and everyone loved the look!

and the crimp style wig!
I went a little crazy with the sparkles..
I seriously love this one; it looks hippie-ish to me~ 

So there's my latest haul!
I ordered them last month, and it's seriously been so hard
to restrain myself from buying more items!
Must save money.. must save money!
I just have to keep telling myself that, so I can go to Finland!
Please don't forget to donate if you'd like to help!
Have a lovely day, my babes!

Until next time!
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