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Monday, July 15, 2013

Where have I been?!

 Hello Princess/Princes!
I feel so horrible because I haven't blogged
for over 2 months!
I feel like I've been nelecting all
my lovely readers...

Been really focusing on work and school
these past two months.
Now I'll just be focusing on school
since I am no longer employed!
(Don't worry, it was my decision )

Even while mainly focusing on those,
I've still done some fun things!

At the beginning of June,
I went to Frill 2013!
I had tons of fun because I got to
see my friends! Yay!!
I forgot to take pictures as usual..
but I had some taken of me

These are from Teen Mermaid (Jesse's blog!)

With lovely himegyaru Malice!

Saturday's outfit~
Wore Angelic Pretty jsk for hime lolita

and one Sunday photo via Facebook!
 Sugary sweet country lolita outfit!
Also Angelic Pretty jsk for this one~ 
I also went to the zoo with my family, but
I took so many photos that'll it'll be next post.
 See you lovelies next time!
Love and kisses~


  1. Welcome back to blogger~ I just love yout outfits. *__*

  2. Welcome back! Was beginning to wonder if you had disappeared off the face of the Earth and I might not have noticed it! Just kidding! xD

    Anyway, I really love that outfit! Wow, the hair extensions are really working their magic! The hair is just gorgeous! <3

    1. Haha, I only disappeared for some months! And crawled my way back xP

      Thank you, dear! ♥ I'm planning to get more pieces, so then my hair can be as big as Malice's was. Must have overly huge hair! *w*

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  4. You look really lovely on these pictures! ^__^ <3 I especially like the Coutry Lolita outfit! The bag/basket is soo pretty <33 wow!


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