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Monday, August 12, 2013

Cosplay WIP: Miwako Sakurada ♥

Hallo liebste Prinzessinnen! 
Today started the first day of new school year!
I truly hate all schooling..
but it must be done, so I will do it.. 
Thankfully though, I only had one class today~

Lately, I've been working on my cosplays!
AWA is only a little over a month away,
and I am super duper excited! 

I wanted to show you lovelies the progress
of one of my cosplays -- Miwako from Paradise Kiss! 
Miwako adores wearing pink
so I figured this outfit would be all pink and white!
(The actually colour version is pink and black... but meh xD)

Alot of the items are in the mail, so
so far I have the wig (used one I already had!),
the sweater, and flowers for hair accessory~  

I also made a jar for konpeito candy~
(paper stars for now *≧▽≦)ノシ)
Miwako carries it as her "medicine" for when she's sad! 

my makeup for Miwako~
I've seen her eyebrows as brown, black, or pink,
so I went with black initally...
I later felt the black was too bold,
so I tried a different make up! 
Which do you sweeties like better?

So! That's my progress for Miwako cosplay~
I seriously can't wait for the clothes to come in!
Eeeee~ or to wear it at AWA
And to everyone who started school this week,
try to have a  time!
I'll see you babes next Monday~
Love and Kisses! 


  1. I just love Parakiss!!! Miwako is such a cutie~ and I adore her style so much! I think it would look better with oink eyebrows, but your make up looks also very good. I'm planning on a Shinichi Okazaki Cosplay from NANA~ I hope I can do it soon.

    1. She is too adorable ♥w♥
      I'm definitely changing the eyebrows ^^; since it looks so weird with dark eyebrows.. xD
      Waaa~ I can't wait to see your cosplay :3

  2. Miwako is one of my all time favorite characters. Kudos for trying a pretty difficult cosplay.

    To me, her eyebrows are much thinner, I think that is what I'd change. Pink might be too match-y, I would go for a thin light brown maybe? Also her eyes are just so round... I'm not sure how to achieve that, but the rounder the more Miwako XDD

  3. I tagged you <3

  4. wow omg so cute ;wwwww;!!!! I think lighter eyebrows would work out better for her! your wig looks so ace though omg, im really excited to see!


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