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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Hime accessories GET

Hello lovelies! 
Sorry this post is a week+ late... 
I've been absorbed with school/cosplay~
AWA is this weekend, so I've been working like crazy to finish everything!

Enough about that though! The stress of it is already killing me~ haha
Recently, I've been using Taobao a whole lot!

I ordered a butt-ton of supplies for my cosplays from there,
and I decided to spoil myself a little too by getting some hime accessories
In all their glory~ ♥

These are all replica pieces of items from major brands. 
I'm not sure if I ever stated my views on replicas,
but I really don't give a crap if people wear them or not.
Honestly, to me, what truly matters is that you feel beautiful wearing it! 

That's all, sweeties! Just a quick post today~
I have important school shiz to do! /flies (I have a midterm that's tonight...)

I've got a wonderful surprise planned for next post, though
(probably two weeks... let's see if I can do it when planned~ haha),
so stay tuned, loves!

Until next time,
Love and Kisses! 

Monday, September 9, 2013

{Review} G&G - Natural Pink circle lens ♥

Hello darlings! image
How was your week and weekend?
I've been studying for classes -- I have tests this week!

Today I have the lens review I promised!
I ordered G&G Natural Pink lenses through Pinky Paradise. 
I had been wanting some new pink lenses as mine went much past their lifespan..
Pinky Paradise only sells 100% authentic lenses/beauty products, so it was perfect! 

07/30/13: Ordered lenses from Pinky Paradise
(they allow payment through PayPal, too!)
08/12/13: Lenses shipped from Pinky Paradise
(they state it'll be shipped & you'll get tracking # in ~10 business days)
08/19/13: Received lenses! ♥
(I chose the cheapest shipping so 7 days time was amazing!)

One thing I found odd about the shipping was that Pinky Paradise is a Malaysia-based company,
and my package shipped from Germany...? 
Not sure what it's all about, but just found it interesting!

The lenses came wrapped in red bubble-type packing material,
and all in a bubble mailer. I also got a free lens case/gift! 
Quick info about the lenses, then onto my review!
♥ Diameter: 14.5mm ♥
♥ Water Content: 38% ♥
♥ Base Curve: 8.6mm ♥
♥ Type: 1 Year Disposal ♥


The colour and design of these lenses is too cute! Lovely pink
The design doesn't start at the very edge of the lens and that affects the enlargement.
I feel these lens will work best with dark eyes!

As I said before, the design doesn't start at the very edge of these lenses,
making them appear more as 14.0 mm than 14.5 mm like the site states.

A nice enlargement, but doesn't appear as large as stated because of the design!

1 in - 1 out

The lenses are comfortable, but they begin irritating my right eye (it has astigmatism) after a few hours..

natural light

w/ flash

full make up


Design ♥♥♥♥
Enlargement ♥♥♥♥
Comfort ♥♥♥♥
Cost ♥♥♥♥

Overall, I adore these lenses, and will definitely buy from Pinky Paradise again!
If you happen to purchase your lenses from Pinky Paradise, consider using my code~
You'll receive a free lens case/gift with your order!

Please let me see what beautiful lenses you get if you order from them! ♥
Until next time, sweeties!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Started playing Vindictus (`∀´)Ψ

official page
Hello sweeties! 
Happy September & Labor Day if you're in USA!
I apologize for not posting last week,
I wasn't feeling well.. but now I feel much better~ 
How was your past weeks, though? Hopefully fun~
Last week, I started playing a new game -- Vindictus!
It's a Korean MMORPG (those aren't normally my thing)..
but you can play a lot of maps solo too! 
I saw a guy at school playing it (not sure if I should call him my friend yet..),
so I decided to give a try~
It's fun to play, has damn good graphics, and the story line is interesting!
but so far I'm not too good at it  hahaha

I'm usually on channel 143 or 134 and my character name is Khourra~
If you're online and see me, don't be shy about chatting or just saying hello! 

Next week I'll be posting a circle lens review,
so please look forward to it!

Until next time~
Love you, sweeties! chu! 
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