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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Hime accessories GET

Hello lovelies! 
Sorry this post is a week+ late... 
I've been absorbed with school/cosplay~
AWA is this weekend, so I've been working like crazy to finish everything!

Enough about that though! The stress of it is already killing me~ haha
Recently, I've been using Taobao a whole lot!

I ordered a butt-ton of supplies for my cosplays from there,
and I decided to spoil myself a little too by getting some hime accessories
In all their glory~ ♥

These are all replica pieces of items from major brands. 
I'm not sure if I ever stated my views on replicas,
but I really don't give a crap if people wear them or not.
Honestly, to me, what truly matters is that you feel beautiful wearing it! 

That's all, sweeties! Just a quick post today~
I have important school shiz to do! /flies (I have a midterm that's tonight...)

I've got a wonderful surprise planned for next post, though
(probably two weeks... let's see if I can do it when planned~ haha),
so stay tuned, loves!

Until next time,
Love and Kisses! 


  1. You'll do anything like cosplay?
    Your accessories are lovely ◕▽◕

    1. Yes,I'll be cosplaying 2 of the days this weekend and wearing lolita fashion the 3rd day! ^^♥
      I really love them and cannot wait to wait them! :D

  2. This is soo cute~ *__* <3

  3. Whoa! Those accessories are oh so gorgeous! xD I'm tempted to get some myself (since I am planning on making a large Taobao order in the future for some loli stuff), but sadly my inner crafter is rebelling against the idea of buying ANYTHING that I can easily make myself. :( Woo, the cosplay idea sounds wonderful! Hope that everything comes together on time!


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