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Monday, October 14, 2013

Been working on cosplay~

Hello my darlings! 
How was your week/weekend?
Mine was really chill for once! haha 
Just school during during the week, and a long 5-day weekend
[including today and tomorrow!] since we have "Fall Break" or w/e they call it!

Over Saturday/Sunday, I worked on a pretty easy cosplay~
 Sakura Snow Bunny 
This is actually for a class at school, since we did informative papers~
I chose Cosplay as my concept, and we have to do a presentation.
I thought it'd be cute to use myself as example and dress in cosplay! 

I thrifted most of my items for it, so that it would be too much money~ (I'm broke) 
I made simple mini-legwarmers to make the shoes look like boots , added the ears to the hoodie ,
and used pants with drawstrings at the bottom to make "poofy shorts" (these need work but meh 

Overall, I think it all turned out pretty well and I'm crazy excited to wear it on Wednesday!

That's all I've been doing lately, though~
What have you lovelies been up to? 

And don't forget to enter the mini giveaway going on!
I've decided to include some surprise items too~ 

Anywho~ see you next week, sweeties!
Moe moe chu~ 


  1. Such a cute outfit. Sakura is really cute *__*

    1. She really is adorable! ♥
      And thanks~ I had fun wearing it to class today; it was well received! ^^


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