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Monday, October 21, 2013

New lenses - Vassen Latte Brown

Hello cutie pies!
The giveaway is now over~ winner is announced on the post!
So! I decided to get some new brown lenses~ 
I'm pretty sure it's been a year or maybe more that I've had my other brown ones
(I'm scared to use lenses past shelf life cause I think I'll get eye infection... )
The ones I chose were Vassen Latte Brown and I got them through Pinky Paradise~
Here's how they look!
L is right side-out and R is inside-out

But of course I can't show you lenses without showing them with makeup! 

This time, I decided to just use my own bangs for the hair!
My hair is such a close colour to the half-wigs so it worked~
and you can see the pink in my hair! 

I really love these lenses since they don't look too unnatural and are comfy!
I recommend them for a sweet daily look~ 
 I put filters on this one 

That's really all for today, babes~ 
I hope you sweeties have a wonderful week, and I'll see ya next week!
I'll probably do a Halloween-theme post then! 
Love and kisses~ chu~ 


  1. looks really great! :) and i looove your hair like that.

    1. Aw, thanks babe! ( *´∀`* )ノ
      I really miss you~

  2. Ohhh how cool! And your eye makeup is always on point!~ ♡


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